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Видео UTICamp 2021

UTICamp-2021 video 04.12.2021

UTICamp-2021 был по-настоящему ярким: великолепные презентации, вдохновляющие новые встречи, теплые беседы с любимыми друзьями, музыкальные концерты и веселые развлечения. Смотрите самые интересные моменты конференции и погрузитесь в его уникальную и незабываемую атмосферу. Ранняя регистрация на наши следующие мероприятия  тут.

Why Being “Nice” Can Be An Extremely Effective Business Strategy by Andrew Hickson. 03.12.2021

Guidelines on how this strategy can help achieve greater visibility in a crowded market place and drive revenue streams + examples of positive & fair business practices. 

Leading Remote, Geographically Dispersed Pm Teams By Iwona Bak. 02.12.2021

The speaker’s expertise on how to prepare and set up the processes to enable successful cooperation and continuity of the business.

Green To Gold: How Can We Make The Localisation Industry More Sustainable? By Sabina Jasinska. 01.12.2021

Sabina shares the results of a global cross-company initiative to create a Localisation Sustainability Manifesto and invites to become social and regenerative entrepreneurs.

Three Pillars Of Fair Translation Pricing by Leonid Glazychev and Fedor Bezrukov. 29.11.2021

Primary principles for the foundation of a fair marketplace, including clear and universal understanding of costs and associated risks, a cost- and effort-centered, transparent rate structure, and service level agreements (SLAs).

Keynote presentation by Konstantin Dranch 29.11.2021

COVID, AI, and being irresistible 

Why Do We Lose Vitality And Motivation. Emotional And Physical Burnout by Elena Glazycheva. 28.11.2021

The causes and effective techniques of coping with burnout.